The Last Shuttle: Released October 15, 2011 (17,000 words) A top-secret NASA space telescope designed to detect alien life is in trouble, at risk of entering Earth’s upper atmosphere and vaporizing. Only one man could prevent the accident. An ex-NASA scientist reluctantly joins the crew of re-commissioned space shuttle Discovery on a daring rescue mission to recover the satellite. Orbiting Earth, they are about to experience something out of this world.

Available online (Amazon, Apple, B&N, etc.) in ebook and paperback format

Sentinel: Released January 25, 2013 (65,000 words)

A decade ago, Dr. Frank Carver was reluctantly thrust into a daring rescue mission in outer space. Saving NASA’s space shuttle Discovery and her crew, he was hailed a national hero. After years in seclusion battling the haunting memory of his mysterious encounter, Carver soon discovers that history does indeed repeat itself as circumstances propel him once again into an adventure far more extraordinary than any he could imagine. This time, the stakes are much higher.

Available online (Amazon, Apple, B&N, etc.) in ebook and paperback format

Paradox Man: Release date tbd, Winter 2016 (85,000 words)

Dr. Jack Hanson has just witnessed his young son’s tragic death. Grief-stricken, he cannot imagine life worth living without him. He soon discovers, however, that salvation lies not in the future, but in his own past. Contacted by a mysterious figure from the future, Hanson learns his son’s death was not a horrific accident, but a targeted act of terrorism perpetrated by adversaries from three centuries in the future. With hope renewed, he travels back in time, embarking on a desperate journey into his own past to thwart the terrorists meddling with Earth’s history and rescue its future—and his son’s.

Untitled: Release date tbd, Summer 2017

Chasing the blood trail for almost an hour, Craig was not going to let the biggest white tail buck his rifle scope had ever seen in the Rio Grande Valley get away. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and finds himself held captive on the wrong side of the border. The U.S. government refuses to act, opting instead to rely on Mexican diplomats who are content to let a wrongly imprisoned American citizen rot in a Tamaulipas stronghold rather than go up against powerful drug cartels. But Craig is lucky: He is from Texas. And so are his friends.