Time travel. Contact with extra-terrestrial intelligence. The distant future. I grew up enjoying Star Trek in the ‘60’s, Spielberg’s Close Encounters in the ‘70’s, and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos in the ‘80’s. Writing science fiction has allowed me to present an expression of these concepts. Welcome to worlds of imagination and adventure, with science along for the ride.

Tom Glover

About The Author

tom-the-authorBorn in California, Tom spent most of his childhood in Washington state, traveling frequently throughout the American Southwest with his parents and gaining an appreciation of travel and the outdoors [...]

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  • Reviews - The Last Shuttle

    Fans have spoken! The Last Shuttle has an incredible average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.
    Here’s what some readers have said:

    By Stuart P Brady.

    I am a voracious Sci-Fi reader and was completely absorbed into his story about what we all wonder [...]

    By Shannon

    This is a quick read that draws you into the story, and has you sitting on the edge of your seat [...]

    By C. Wayne Dawson

    The Last Shuttle’s main defect is that it ended too quickly, leaving me wanting more [...]

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